Shalom Pollack
Shalom PollackINN: S.P.

Imagine if a Jew entered an Arab village and broke into an Arab house and proceeded to attempt to rape a ten-year-old Arab girl in her bed.

The outrage and the horror expressed by Israelis of every stripe would know no bounds. And rightly so.

The thud of the national breast beating would be heard around the globe.

The Jewish rapist's trial would be displayed every evening on the news and accompanied by a heated discussion on how many life terms he should get in solitary confinement. There would be a witch hunt against all Right wing Jews.

All the so-called 'hilltop youth' with their long sidelocks and large kippot would be suspected and rounded up and forced in various ways to confess to whatever the interrogators wished to hear.

Now for reality and not imaginary scenarios.

This week an Israeli judge sentenced an Israeli Arab for breaking into a Jewish home and attempting the raping/sodomizing of a ten-year-old Jewish girl in her bed.

The judge decided that five years in prison fit the crime. That five years is punishment enough.

This week we read the portion about the destruction by God of the wicked city of Sedom.

Sodom was a well run city with clear laws. It is just that their judges and rules reflected their values.

Just what are those values"

And last week,

In a bid to manage the overpopulation of strays in the Palestinian Arab jparts of the city of Hebron, the municipality announced that residents will be paid over $5 for each dog taken off the streets..

Images of Palestinian Arabs killing and torturing animals were posted to social media, triggering outrage.

Hebron's mayor, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, was convicted in 1980 for taking part in a terrorist attack in Hebron where six Israeli civilians were killed and around 20 others were wounded.

Abu Sneineh and three fellow terrorists were sentenced to life in prison but were eventually released in prisoner exchanges.

Abu Sneineh shot six Jews in the back as they were praying on Shabbat, and was elected as mayor of Hevron

The mayor is only now getting some attention and criticism.

After spending three years in jail (when he was paid hefty "pay for slay " bonuses by the Palestinian Authority (that Israel created ) {you can't make this stuff up})he was released when Israel agreed to one of those outrageous prisoner exchanges. Was it one Jew for one thousand Arab killers or was it more?

I forget which "exchange it was.

Murdering six Jews made him a shoo-in to be elected to mayor of Hevron. The world did not think this was irregular. There was no news of dog abuse at the time.

When it was learned that dogs were abused, Israeli "humanists" demanded the intervention of the Palestinian Authority, something that they rarely dare to do in their effort to not threaten a "peace process" and our "peace partner"

Do you remember as I do when Israeli progressives of the "Peace Camp" kept silent when Jewish buses were blowing up and cafes bombed? They could not however be silent at the time when a red line was crossed, when donkeys were used to blow up Jews. Why involve the poor donkey in the "conflict"?

Yes, we all know how the animal-loving Germans cared for their attack dogs after a hard but successful day of attacking Jews..

Is there a common thread connecting the above?

Abu Sneineh, the local hero was elected democratically by his Jew-hating constituency. Israel was not outraged. On the contrary, the voice of the people of Hebron was respected. Israel continued supplying life support and protection to the terrorist Palestinian Authority and its murderous mayors.

And the progressives that are so outraged today? They loved to visit and take photos with Palestinian Arab leaders like these.

Pundits and politicians in Israel and abroad are alarmed and confounded by the success story of this election - Itamar Ben Gvir.

It's simple. As opposed to the sophisticated progressive experts, the Israeli public did not need abused dogs to know that the emperor has no clothes They do not want Jews to continue to be victims.

Shalom Pollack is veteran popular tour guide and author of "Jews, Israelis and Arabs." He can be reached at [email protected]"