Naftali Bennett
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Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett claims that contrary to claims heard from politicians from the Netanyahu camp, his government did not transfer 53 billion NIS to Mansour Abbas's United Arab List (Ra'am) party.

"This is a lie," Bennett wrote in response to Facebook surfers. "Mansour Abbas never received 53 billion NIS. There is no such number."

''What is it? We approved a multi-year plan of about 6 billion NIS for the Arab society (fighting crime, education, employment, etc.) for 5 years, as a continuation of a similar plan in the previous government. I am proud of that,'' added the former prime minister.

On Friday, Bennett attacked the agreement of the leaders of the next coalition to significantly increase the welfare allowances and yeshiva budgets. One of the significant clauses agreed upon in the coalition negotiations was the doubling of the stipend for yeshiva students, which today stands at NIS 730 for younger students and NIS 1,300 for older ones. This is a section that costs about one and a half billion shekels for the economy.

Bennett claimed that, "Increasing the allowances of yeshiva students is a grave economic and moral error that will harm haredi youth, the public's attitude to the Torah, and the future of the State of Israel." The former prime minister explained: "This is because the increased allowances will encourage more young people not to go out to work or study a profession, since it is more convenient to stay in the yeshiva."

"Eventually, they will be expelled at a late age, without the ability to earn a living in quality work - and this leads to increased poverty and their dependence on the tax payments of the rest of the population in Israel. This will not last long. Everyone knows this, but unfortunately party leaders today are afraid to speak out for fear of the wrath of the haredi parties."

Bennett further said: "The haredim are our brothers and they are the fastest-growing population in Israel, therefore their responsibility towards the State must grow accordingly. I believe in the need to learn Torah. I appreciate and love those who study Torah. The Torah has protected the people of Israel and is our foundation. But if there is no flour - there is no Torah (an ancient Talmudic saying - ed.). The idea that a growing public will be financed more and more by a public whose share in the population is decreasing, is not practical, and to be honest, even if the politicians are afraid to say so, it is not moral."

"In the end, those bearing the load will choose to go somewhere else (it's easier today than ever) and instead of strengthening the Torah, the process will lead, God forbid, to a negative feeling towards the Torah," Bennett added. "Sometimes the supposedly pleasant and helpful action is actually harmful. Over the years I have worked to increase employment in haredi society, and I was also the first to come up with a plan, pro-haredi and not populist, which we adopted in the government under my leadership: A year ago we increased the soldiers' wages by 50% and promoted a lowering of the exemption age for haredim, from 24 to 21. The big test of the government that will be formed is whether the rate of haredim working in 3-4 years will be higher or lower than the rate today."