Voting in Midterm Elections
Voting in Midterm ElectionsREUTERS/Daniel Steinle

The campaign signs of a longtime New Orleans criminal court judge who is Jewish were vandalized with swastikas shortly before the midterm elections.

Judge Karen Herman was elected to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal on Tuesday winning 58 percent of the vote.

But less than two weeks before the midterms, her signs were defaced with swastikas, an act that she described as “heartbreaking.”

“About 10 days before the election, I got a screenshot of one of my four-by-eight signs on a street and it was covered with a giant swastika and my heart just dropped. I mean I could feel it in the pit of my stomach,” Herman told FOX8.

The judge believes she was targeted because she is Jewish.

“It was like a line of chain link fence.. with like six signs. All of them were pristine and right smack in the middle, there’s a big ole swastika all over my name,” Herman said.

“To be called out based on my religion, it just really broke my heart. I’m a first-generation American and both sides of my family left their countries based on persecution because of their faith and to see this brought up in 2022, it’s just appalling.”

According to Herman, half a dozen of her signs were defaced with multiple swastikas. Her team took them all down and contacted law enforcement. A hate crime investigation is ongoing.

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