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There’s blame all over.

Turns out that abortion was a bigger deal than we thought. Bad luck for Republicans when the Supreme Court abolished Roe v Wade. Big mistake.

Not the act, but the timing, June, just as the midterms were gearing up, only to give Democrats a hot potato, like Jan 6, to run on.

A few weeks later came an act of stupidity. As the conversation was quieting down, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced legislation for a national 15-week abortion ban.

The bill went nowhere in the Senate, but fellow GOP senators wished he’d shut up.

Some, or many, wish Trump would do the same.

Over at the New York Post, columnist John Podhoretz blames Donald Trump…says he’s a “vote repellant.” That’s why Republicans under-performed in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Ditto, The Wall Street Journal, which says, “Trump is the Republican Party’s biggest loser.”

Maybe so, but it’s the media that from day one never let-up their withering campaign against him.

So that finally, through repeated slurs and nitpicking, he became box-office poison…to a segment that bought and voted the slanders the Networks were selling.

It’s the media, stupid.

Meantime, Joe Biden can’t get the smirk off his face.

The all-teeth gloating is a pathetic sight, and now, seemingly victorious, he’s preparing to make no changes.

Therefore, Americans are to expect the same of everything.

This means the same inflation, the same fuel and food prices, the same climate hysteria, and the same crisis at the border. The migrants will keep coming.

He thinks he won.

No, he didn’t.

I agree with Robert Spencer that the blue votes were the result of a generation that came of age, 18 to 35, after being trained for adulthood from Leftist indoctrination camps…the universities. These are the thumb-sucking Pajama Boys and Girls who needed Safe Spaces, and counseling, if someone with a different opinion entered the room

If a pro-Israel or pro-USA speaker showed up in town, or at the dorm, they’d run for their pacifiers and hide under their beds. Later, they’d riot.

The Palestinian Arabs are their favorite people. They know nothing, zero, about Israel. But are always ready to expound.

As adolescents, and throughout the school system, they learned to jeer at Hatikvah, and to turn their backs, or take a knee, at the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Today they vote. Yesterday they were groomed, processed, manufactured, indoctrinated, and packaged to serve as machines for the Party.

Fetterman lived with his parents until he was 49 years old. That’s why they voted him into the Senate…a fellow Pajama Boy.

In New York they voted for Hochul to remain governor because her opponent Zeldin favored law and order.

Pajama Boys favor the criminals, and BLM, and the anti-white racism of Critical Race Theory. They defund police, deface statues, and can’t figure out what a woman is.

A woman is a woman and a man is a man is a concept too deep for them.

They graduated with degrees in gender studies and Black History, which teaches that genders come like Heinz, in 57 Varieties, and that all white people were slave owners.

As these people get older, do they get wiser?

If not, Republicans have no chance far into the future.

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