Dov Hikind
Dov HikindAmericans Against Antisemitism

Dov Hikind, a Jewish activist and former New York State assemblyman, blamed former President Donald Trump Wednesday for Republican losses in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

With Democrats winning key Senate races in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Colorado, and with a lead in the yet-to-be called races in Arizona and Georgia, Republicans now face an uphill battle to win control of the upper chamber of Congress, hinging on a likely runoff vote in Georgia.

Republicans also underperformed in gubernatorial races, including Pennsylvania, where with 93% of the vote counted, Democrat Josh Shapiro leads Republican Doug Mastriano by 13 points.

In New York State, where polls had predicted a highly competitive race for the governor’s mansion, incumbent Kathy Hochul defeated Republican congressman Lee Zeldin by 5.5 points.

Hikind, a Democrat who voted for Zeldin and has frequently crossed party lines, expressed disappointment with the election results, but emphasized that the key issues Republicans raised remain “front and center.”

“There is no question that the issue of crime is front and center for the governor,” Hikind told Fox News.

The electoral defeats, Hikind continued, were the result of an anti-Trump backlash, citing the former president’s allusions to announcing a 2024 presidential campaign next week.

“We were all disappointed looking at the bigger picture. What happened? There were supposed to be great victories all over the country. The problem – I don’t think there is any question in my mind – that hurt Republicans all over, is Donald Trump.”

“I would say to the former president, whom I supported and who did great things during his term, ‘Move on. Move on.’”

“I mean, a couple of days before the election, he tells the country he has a major announcement. Donald Trump, it wasn’t about you, it was about the candidates who were running, and you took away from them. There is no question that he hurt candidates all over the country.”

Hikind went on to call on Trump to nix his widely expected announcement for a 2024 presidential bid, and instead endorse Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“I would say to Donald Trump: ‘On November 15th you’re going to make a major announcement? I would advise you, and I have great respect for you and things you accomplished…announce to the country that DeSantis is the one that we should support so that we can win the White House in 2024’.”

“Donald Trump, you had your opportunity, you hurt your party that you love, your country, in this election. So Donald Trump, move on.”

“It is time to be honest. If we want to move on and have great victories in this country… we need that change.”