Herzog receives the official results
Herzog receives the official resultsKobi Gideon / GPO

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday morning received the official results of last Tuesday's Knesset election from the Chairman of the Central Elections committee, Justice Yitzhak Amit.

The final tally of the vote gives the Likud 32 seats, followed by Yesh Atid with 24, the Religious Zionist - Otzma Yehudit - Noam list with 14, National Unity with 12, Shas with 11, United Torah Judaism with 7, Yisrael Beytenu with 6, the United Arab List (Ra'am) with 5, Hadash-Ta'al with 5, and Labor with 4.

After receiving the final results, Herzog pushed back on reports Tuesday that he attempted to prod center-left leaders into forming a national unity government with the Likud in a bid to foil the establishment of a narrow right-wing coalition.

"I appeal to all elected officials and say: alongside a vibrant and vital political debate, alongside victories and decision-making, alongside a refusal to make concessions on one's worldview—it is absolutely forbidden under any circumstances to forgo our togetherness," said Herzog.

"The responsibility for this lies with all of us, but in the political realm it lies first and foremost on every side in our legislature; on all the various factions.

"In this context, I wish to touch on the attempt to drag me into the political struggles over the formation of the government and to emphasize: the election results are clear, and we must all respect them. It is no secret that I have always believed, and still believe, in unity; but contrary to reports, I have not worked, nor am I working, to push for the establishment of any particular government, and I am not involved in its composition or size. I leave that task to the political system, and to it alone."

President Herzog is slated to begin consultations Wednesday afternoon with delegations representing all of the factions elected to the Knesset in order to determine which candidate should receive a mandate to form a new government.

The consultation process will be completed Friday, after Herzog meets with representatives from Labor and Noam.

Next week, the president is expected to task Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu with forming a new coalition government.

Sixty-four MKs are expected to back Netanyahu's candidacy, compared to just 28 for incumbent Prime Minister Yair Lapid.