Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, MassachusettsiStock

A suburban Boston Jewish couple were the victims of antisemitic vandalism over the weekend, during which their cars were vandalized and an attempt was made to set their house on fire.

The incident occurred in Stow, Massachusetts, located around 20 miles west of Boston, between Friday night and Saturday morning. According to local police, officers responded Saturday morning to a report that the couple’s cars had been damaged overnight.

When they arrived, they discovered that the tires on both cars had been slashed and an antisemitic slur had been carved into the side of one of the cars.

Police also found fresh burn marks on several parts of the couple’s house.

Stow Police Chief Michael Sallese said that officers continue to investigate the incident.

“These abhorrent actions have no place in Stow. We encourage anyone with information about this incident to contact us,” Sallese said. “We take all reports of hateful behavior extremely seriously, and will investigate and prosecute this crime to the fullest extent possible.”

The attack was also denounced by Stow Select Board Chair Megan Birch-McMichael.

“Sadly we live in a time when such disgusting attacks are on the rise across the country. As a Select Board and as a town we unequivocally renounce intolerance in any form,” Birch-McMichael said. “Stow is a welcoming and affirming community, and every resident deserves to live their life free of harassment and hatred.”