Baby was Crying
Baby was Crying kupa hair

The paramedic who burst into the house to treat the unconscious woman he was told about found himself in the middle of heartbreaking scene: a young woman who had chocked on her food because of an epileptic seizure, a frantic husband, and a screaming newborn, crying for his mother who couldn’t hear him.

Will You Help this Motherless Newborn?

The baby was the sixth child of Mrs. Sarah Elinor Daddon. The entire family was overjoyed over his birth. But a few days after his bris, tragedy struck. Mrs. Daddon was taken to the ICU of a local hospital, and doctors fought to save her. Her family prayed and remained helpful. She had just given birth. Surely she would recover and return to her children!

But this was not to be. Mrs. Daddon passed away, leaving behind her six young children, the oldest of whom is only 10, while the youngest is a tiny baby.

“Sarah Elinor was all about giving to others”, her friends say. “She was full of love and kindness and always saw the best in people”.

Her family, used to bask in the love and care of this special woman, are facing a daunting task. Somehow, they must rally and make sure the little baby is cared for in the best possible way. Somehow, the young widower will have to find the strength and resilience to raise his six children alone and help then overcome their grief.

We cannot bring Sarah Elinor back to life. We cannot give this sweet baby the mother who hardly had a chance to hold him. There is so much we cannot do for this family... but there is one way in which we can help. We can, at the very least, help this family pay the bills and make sure the children don’t go without necessary therapies or suffer material want.

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