Shalom Sofer
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An Israeli man wounded in a terrorist stabbing attack in Samaria last month succumbed to his wounds and died Tuesday.

The victim, Shalom Sofer, was a resident of the Israeli town of Kedumim, town officials said in a statement Tuesday morning.

Lidor Sofer, the victim's son, said that his father had been on the road to recovery, before a sudden deterioration in his condition.

"My father was at home the past week and everyone thought he was on the mend but suddenly one of his wounds reopened," he said.

"When he was discharged from hospital last week, they told me it was a miracle that he had recovered and we were sure that within a few days, we'd have our father back in full health."

On October 25th, Sofer, the owner and operator of the grocery store in Kedumim, was attacked while shopping with his son at a store in the nearby Arab village of Al-Funduq.

An Arab terrorist stabbed Sofer in the stomach with a knife repeatedly, before fleeing the scene.

"A report was received of a stabbing attack in the village of Al Fundug in the area of ​​the Ephraim regional division,” the army said at the time. “A terrorist arrived at the location, stabbed an Israeli citizen and fled."

"The IDF forces gave the citizen initial medical treatment on the spot and evacuated him to a hospital while he was conscious.”

The terrorist who committed the stabbing attack was arrested later that day by IDF and Shin Bet internal security agency forces.