Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthyREUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz/File Photo

House Republicans will launch sweeping investigations of President Joe Biden's administration if they recapture the chamber in Tuesday's midterm election, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Monday, according to AFP.

McCarthy, in an interview with CNN, said potential probes included the US pullout from Afghanistan and the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden has come under heavy criticism for his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but has repeatedly defended his decision to withdraw from the country.

Former President Donald Trump has been one of the most vocal critics of Biden’s withdrawal, but some senators from Biden's own Democratic Party have also taken the administration to task over the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In his remarks Monday, McCarthy also left the door open to an eventual impeachment effort of Biden.

"We will never use impeachment for political purposes," he said. "That doesn't mean if something rises to the occasion, it would not be used at any other time."

McCarthy, who is expected to replace Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker if Republicans recapture the House on Tuesday, said he was confident Republicans will win enough seats to gain a majority and he believes his bid for the speaker's gavel has the support of Trump.

"I think Trump will be very supportive," he said.

Trump was impeached twice by the House, which is currently controlled by the Democrats, but was acquitted in the Republican-controlled Senate both times.

Polls published ahead of Tuesday’s midterms find that Republicans are poised to win back the House of Representatives and are also slightly favored to win control of the Senate and a number of state governorships.