Mike Pompeo with Binyamin Netanyahu
Mike Pompeo with Binyamin NetanyahuMatty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Avi

Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed satisfaction Sunday with Israeli Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in last Tuesday’s Knesset election, saying Netanyahu’s return to power is good for Israel, the US, and global security.

Pompeo took to Twitter Sunday evening to say he is “glad” Netanyahu is poised to return to the premiership.

“Bibi Netanyahu's return is a good thing for Israel, it's a good thing for America, and it's a good thing for global stability. We should be all be glad he's back.”

Netanyahu’s Likud party and the three factions allied with it won a total of 64 seats in last Tuesday’s general election, Israel’s fifth since the spring of 2019.

The Opposition Leader, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, is reportedly planning to form his new coalition government as quickly as possible, cutting short Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s care-taker government.

President Joe Biden has yet to speak with Netanyahu since his victory, though US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides congratulated the Likud chairman last Thursday.

According to Walla reporter Barak Ravid Sunday evening, Biden is expected to call Netanyahu Monday to offer his congratulations.