Amos Bashiri
Amos BashiriPolice Spokesperson

The police revealed on Sunday that Amos Bashiri was the officer who killed the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack that killed five in Bnei Barak in March 2022.

Amos Bashiri and Amir Houri were members of the 417 team and were on their way to the scene of the attack in Bnei Barak by motorcycle, with Houri driving and Bashiri sitting behind him.

At the Police Force decoration presentation ceremony, the Chief of Police will present the decoration of courage to First Sergeant Amos Bashiri and to the late Sergeant Major Amir Houri who neutralized the terrorist.

In a video that was published by the police, First Sergeant Bashiri describes the dramatic moments from receiving the report about the attack, until the neutralization of the terrorist, and the feelings of longing for Amir and his deep connection with the Houri family.

Tomorrow at the Israel Police decoration presentation ceremony, during which 70 officers and civilians will receive decorations and will be commended for their actions in 33 different incidents and operations across the country, the decoration of courage will be presented to Bashiri, the family of the late Houri, who were motorcycle patrolmen from the Bnei Brak station of the Dan region in the Tel Aviv district.

The ceremony will be attended by Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev, police chief Superintendent Yaakov Shabtai, and the commanding staff of the Israel Police.