Yisrael Gantz and General Fuchs
Yisrael Gantz and General Fuchsspokesperson

The Defense Ministry will continue to pay for the employment of security coordinators in the settlements surrounding Jerusalem until the end of the year, with the aim of reaching by the end of this period a situation where the police will bear the security responsibility in these communities in accordance with the decision of the government and the National Security Council.

The conclusion was reached following a series of discussions held by Benjamin Regional Council Chairman Yisrael Gantz with the relevant government ministries. A few months ago, the Benjamin Regional Council also submitted a petition to the Supreme Court on the matter, and it was withdrawn only after the state's commitment that the security responsibility would be transferred to the police and that this be done in a manner that is in accordance with the threats in the region.

There are about 13 settlements in the area surrounding Jerusalem area, including six settlements in the Benjamin region.

The Benjamin Regional Council and its localities hope to reach an agreement in the near future on leaving the continued responsibility for their security in the hands of the IDF and thus bring about a final solution to the issue that is troubling the localities surrounding Jerusalem.

Benjamin Regional Council chairman Gantz said: "There is an understanding that the planned security plan does not match the threats we face and harms the security of the residents. I welcome the extension of the employment of the security coordinators. We are continuing the contacts with the decision makers, so that the security plans in the surrounding settlements will provide an adequate response to the threats and the reality on the ground. We will continue to deal with it and demand it."