Rabbi Yehoshua hecht
Rabbi Yehoshua hechtINN:YH

The Rabbinical Alliance of America (Igud Harabonim) comprised of over 950 Rabbis serving throughout North America, released this statement, authored by its member of the presidium, Rabbi Yehoshua Hecht, of Norwalk, Connecticut and addressed to the American Jewish community and to all people of faith.

With the National midterm elections underway, and the official November 8th Election Day, arriving shortly, all citizens are requested to actively take part by casting their vote for the individuals running to fill federal, state, and municipal offices.

Observant Jews and people of faith, are obligated to assure that the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, are followed by society. This is accomplished in our democratic republic, by voting for those people who show respect for the social parameters stated in our holy Torah and Codes of Jewish Law.

Moral concerns, such as,the the backing of same sex marriage, late term abortion, sex education for minors, interference of government in the educational preferences of parents as to how their child is to be educated, as well as the alarmingly increased acceptance of elective gender surgery for minors, are all legitimate and proper concerns of every citizen who believes in Biblical and Family Values.

The great Codifier of Jewish Law, Maimonides, states that all of humanity is obligated to keep the Seven Universal Laws of Noah. As explained in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 58b), they are: 1) Do not murder. 2) Do not steal. 3) Do not worship false gods. 4) Do not be sexually immoral. 5) Do not eat the limb removed from a live animal. 6) Do not curse G-D. 7) Set up courts and bring offenders to justice.

The radical departure friom social norms and biblical values previously adhered to by society makes it incumbent upon all, to vote exclusively for those individuals, whose social platform respects family values.

To do otherwise is to actively aid and abet erosion of the Universal Laws of Noah that are incumbent upon all of humanity – regardless of ethnicity, race, or origin.

All of humanity who keep these universal values are assured of obtaining Divine blessings for a good life in this world and a place in the hereafter.

May G-D bless America and its inhabitants with peace and security, Amen.

Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hechtis Chabad Rabbi in Norwalk, Ct and a member of the Presidium of the Rabbinical Alliance of America