Netanyahu and MKs on election night
Netanyahu and MKs on election night Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel: Finally voted for change and a government that has the mandate of the people to instate a right-wing policy, that will bring the country back to Zionism and a Jewish State.

While: The government is being formed, there is an opportunity to trim the number of ministries and their bureaucratic, over staffed apparatus, who act as if the people are their servants. During my time in the UK, official letters were signed :”Your obedient servant”.

Also: In the UK they recognize an ambassador of non-existent Palestine. His pressure contributed to the UK Prime Minister's U-turn of his intention to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

This Shabbat: The Torah reading is Lech Lecha, the account of Abraham’s journey to what was to become our homeland.

Now Hear: The true story of a modern Lech Lecha.

Plus: Why not to pass judgement without knowing the facts.

And: More.