This week's parsha (Torah portion) famously begins with Hashem (G-d) telling Avraham Avinu (Abraham our forefather) to leave his land, his homeland, and his home, and head towards the land that, "He will show him."

Since kindergarten, we've been taught that this is an incredible step of faith that Avraham takes, to show his commitment to Hashem.

However, when you look at the end of last week's parsha, we can clearly see that Avraham was already on his way to the Land of Israel!! Not only him, but also his father, nephew, and all their families! So why are we treating the fact that Avraham goes to the Land of Israel as if it's some "big step" by Avraham?? He was already on his way there before Hashem even told him!!

What's going on over here? Why does Hashem need to tell him to "go there," if he's already going there?!