Antisemitic graffiti was spray painted on multiple buildings in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday morning.

The graffiti found on buildings, houses and signs included the phrases “Jews Kill Blacks” and “Jewish Enslave Black Live” as well as an anti-Jewish slur, FOX 5 reported.

"It's mortifying and disgusting that these types of messages are conveyed in public settings," American Jewish Committee Atlanta regional director Dov Wilker told the news outlet.

The StopAntisemitism organization said on Twitter that the antisemitic graffiti was the byproduct of NBA player Kyrie Irving promoting the antisemitic film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.”

“’Jews Kill Blacks’ & ‘Jews enslave Black Lives’ – today in Atlanta. THIS is what you are fueling Kyrie Irving,” StopAntisemitism tweeted. “THIS is what Jews have to endure when notable figures like yourself use their platforms to spread falsities & hatred of others. THIS is on YOU Kyrie Irving.”

But Wilker said that the graffiti may be related to antisemitic comments made recently by Kanye West.

He thanked local police for quickly covering up the graffiti.

"We appreciate everyone standing in solidarity with us to condemn these heinous acts," he said.