Around 9:15 a.m. this morning, an Arab man who had made his way from Damascus Gate to the Muslim Quarter was spotted by police near the intersection of HaGai Street and Ma'ale Midrash. After arousing their suspicion, officers began an examination.

The terrorist proceeded to pull out a knife and stab one of the officers in his upper body. Two policemen fired at the terrorist, killing him on the spot. The area was closed to pedestrians so that security personnel could conduct an investigation of the incident.

The wounded officer is fully conscious and has been transferred to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center for further treatment.

Another policeman was wounded in the crossfire as officers fired at the attacker. A third policeman was also wounded in the incident and released after being treated at the scene.

The assault was carried out by 20-year-old Badr Amaar, a resident of the Beit Hanina neighborhood of Jerusalem who acted alone.

United Hatzalah EMT Yechiel Shtern relayed: “I provided initial treatment to two people who sustained light injuries. They were transported to the hospital for further treatment.”

Jewish worshippers visiting the site were evacuated from the Temple Mount following the attack.

Police closed down the Old City to visitors as the investigation into the incident continued. They have now reopened the Temple Mount and Old City to visitors.

Scene of the attack in Jerusalem
Scene of the attack in JerusalemZAKA spokesperson
Scene of attack
Scene of attackPhoto: MDA