Yisrael and Simcha Bunim Diskind
Yisrael and Simcha Bunim DiskindCourtesy of the photographed

Malky Diskind, widow of Simcha Bunim Diskind, who was killed in the Meron disaster last year, will celebrate her marriage to Moshe Broyner on Wednesday evening in Jerusalem.

In a conversation with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva, Yisrael Diskind, Simcha Bunim's brother and a friend of the groom from their days in the Gerrer Yeshiva, spoke about the great happiness the wedding holds, along with the sadness inherent in it.

"When we heard about the match, we all gave our blessing," Diskind told Israel National News.

Although Malky is not the Diskinds' daughter, Broyner took pains to get to know them: "He met first with my parents, as if she was their daughter, and that really is the feeling here. We really feel as if we were marrying off our sister. She has become our sister, and he our brother-in-law," Diskind said.

Despite the great joy, the pain of death will still be significant at the wedding, he explained.

"My mother will not be at the chuppa (ceremony)," he said. "She does not want to begin bawling on the floor there. In our hasidic sect, we believe that his soul is there at the chuppa, and this is not a simple time. It is moving and difficult. Even though we rejoice with her, the joy is mixed with a great deal of sadness."