VotersOliver Fitoussi/Flash90

Several poll workers at polling stations in Arab towns and villages have reported to Israel National News that there is an especially high voter turnout in Arab population centers.

According to the report, while during the day the voter turnout was relatively low, over the past few hours many voters have arrived and the polling stations are full.

"I work at an Arab polling station in the north, and I have friends in other stations. Over the past few hours it's been full of voters," one poll worker told Israel National News.

"Tons of voters. Our voting turnout has passed 50% and some stations passed 60% by 8:00 PM," he says.

"It's not looking good," he adds. "Everyone needs to hear this: go out and vote. So we won't wake up with a government that nobody wants. We can't be apathetic, go vote before it's too late."