Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedPR

Jewish Home chairperson and Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked called on right-wing supporters to give her their vote on Tuesday and claimed that her party is close to breaking the electoral threshold.

"One more push to the finish, we're close to the threshold and we can succeed. There's an amazing awakening out in the field," Shaked stated.

Shaked cast her vote in Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning at the polling station near her home. "I was told by pollsters that the right-wing bloc doesn't have 61 seats only 60. Only a vote for the Jewish Home will bring a right-wing government," she stated after casting her vote.

In the meantime, Otzma Yehudit petitioned the elections committee claiming that the Jewish Home sent out text messages that stated that Otzma Yehudit's voting slips have the letter Bet and not Tet as they really do. The messages read: "The time has come for Ben Gvir, we need a strong right wing. Vote Bet!!!"

Otzma Yehudit announced that it will demand that the attorney general order a criminal investigation against Shaked.

Otzma Yehudit Stated: "Ayelet Shaked, with the last of her strength, is trying to harm the right-wing bloc, and is currently sending out the fake messages according to which Otzma Yehudit's voting slips are her voting slips. This is a total lie, the Religious Zionism - Otzma Yehudit slips have the letter Tet. Shaked isn't going to pass the threshold and is trying to take down the right, just like she did last year."