Hadas (pseudonym), the 20-year-old haredi woman who narrowly avoided being kidnapped by an Arab man in Tiberius Tuesday, recounted the traumatic experience in an interview with Channel 12 News.

"I was walking on the street without a care. When I passed the car he just opened the back door and pushed me from his side towards the car," she said.

Footage from the incident shows the man grabbing the woman and her falling to the ground while attempting to get away from him.

Hadas continued: "By the grace of G-d, I realized that he was trying to get me into the car, I came to my senses, I immediately confronted him and I flew onto the road and he entered a tool store. I immediately ran towards the central bus station, someone stopped me and told me, madam, are you calling the police now? I called the police, they questioned me and called a car. The second he left the tool shop I told the policeman to drive fast because he was trying to flee. The police arrested him."

"He grabbed me and pulled me towards the car," she said. G-d saved me. I knew to scream immediately when someone suspicious comes, and that's really the first thing I did. I didn't see any weapons, he grabbed me and pushed me toward the car. After he was arrested, he said it was all a mistake and not on purpose. It was very scary, I'm currently in disbelief."

Earlier, the suspect, a 51-year-old man and a resident of the village of Yafa an-Naseriyye, was arrested on suspicion of trying to kidnap the woman in Tiberias. The police said that at the moment the initial suspicion is that it is a kidnapping attempt with a nationalist background. The investigation shows that he had a car with a fake license plate, and he tried to get the young woman into the car without exchanging a word. The investigation of the incident was handed over to the Shabak.