The Sovereignty Movement: Imagine

Just before the elections, the Sovereignty Movement is distributing a new video that is gaining momentum on social media, calling upon supporters of the Right to go to the polls and ensure the establishment of a stable national government.

The video presents a long series of aspirations and hopes for the new government under the title: “Imagine what will happen if a right-wing government is formed that truly represents the opinion of the majority of the people.”

Among the dreams and hopes listed are the restoration of the values ​​of justice and democracy, a settlement boom that will also help lower housing prices, leadership that understands the danger inherent in strengthening the Palestinian Authority, the return of governance to the mixed cities, the battle against terrorism, a return to the values ​​of Judaism, a government with only Zionist components, and more.

"All these and more depend on the momentum of the national camp's vote," say Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, who head the Sovereignty Movement. “That is why we produced and distributed the video, which has elicited very positive reactions.

This is not a call to vote for any particular party, but a desire to once again remind right-wing voters what are the values ​​upon which an election campaign in a Jewish state is conducted, and what are the objectives that we seek to achieve and promote.

We have no doubt that based on the understanding of the importance of these clear aspirations, and based on the desire to restore the Zionist dream to the path of progress, every voter will know to make the right choice."

"All of these ambitions and goals boil down to one essential point, and that is a vote for the parties that have raised the banner of sovereignty in the Land of Israel," they emphasize. "The first step in restoring Israel to the right path can and must take place tomorrow, on Election Day.”