El Al
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A passenger on an El Al flight to Bangkok, Thailand, lit a cigarette in the plane's bathroom during the flight, and threw it into the bathroom garbage when he had finished, Israel Hayom reported.

Other passengers, who smelled the cigarette, alerted a stewardess, who entered the bathroom and found the cigarette in the trash.

The staff used the fire extinguisher, even though a fire had not sparked in the bathroom.

The incident took place 1.5 hours before the flight landed in Bangkok. Flight crew confiscated the cigarettes and cigarette lighter, and El Al has promised to take action against him, in accordance with the accepted protocol.

In a statement, El Al said, "A passenger on a flight to Bangkok was caught smoking in the plane's bathroom, and afterwards there was a concern that a fire might have sparked in the bathroom. The air service crew and captains immediately and cautiously dealt with [the incident], by using the assigned fire extinguishers."

"The flight continued on as usual and landed safely in the Bangkok airport. The passenger was warned and the issue has been sent for further examination by the legal department."