Ronald Lauder
Ronald LauderFlash 90

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Sunday reacted to this weekend’s antisemitic manifestations and displays in Jacksonville, Florida, including at a football stadium and on a highway overpass.

"There must be zero tolerance for antisemitic displays like the Jew-hatred promoted in multiple banners in public spaces in Jacksonville yesterday and antisemitic signs on a freeway overpass in Los Angeles in recent days," Lauder said.

"In the wake of recent violent attacks targeting American Jews, lawmakers and law enforcement agencies must act against decisively and unambiguously to condemn these displays for what they are – hate speech and incitement to violence – and take all appropriate and necessary actions to prosecute those responsible."

He added, "Free speech has limits, and inciting violence through antisemitic and racist rhetoric crosses the line."

"We must not allow antisemites to threaten the very fabric of our society."