Benyamin Netanyahu
Benyamin NetanyahuHaim Twito

With two days left until the elections, opposition head and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the standing of the right-wing bloc and claimed that it's important to strengthen his party.

"Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir will, in any case, be ministers in our govenment. The Jewish left comes out in a higher voting percentage than the Jewish right does," claimed Netanyahu in an interview with Radio 103FM on Sunday.

The former prime minister attacked the center-left and claimed that "Lapid and Gantz don't understand anything about the economy, they have no pity when it comes to the plastic utensil tax. Whoever is telling this lie, that I would sit with Gantz, it's just a spin to make the Likud smaller."

Netanyahu added that "There's criticism on the head of the defense system. Gantz is a leftist, he has made one of the most disturbing statements ever made in Israeli politics: that he's proud that he endangered the lives of IDF soldiers to prevent harm to Palestinians."

The National Unity party commented: "The one who financed Hamas, kept quiet and hid as thousands of missiles hit the towns of southern Israel, and, other than talking, hasn't done anything about defense; is the last one that can tell us off about defense. Now, at a time when the security situation is so complex and so dangerous to the future of the state of Israel, Netanyahu leaves Israel's security in the hands of two extremists who will burn the whole middle east, while he's busy with his trial.