Lapid and Biden
Lapid and BidenKobi Gideon/GPO

The US and Israel completed formulating the final version of an American letter of guarantee which is intended to qualify the signing of the maritime agreement between Israel and Lebanon, Haaretz reported on Saturday.

According to an Israeli political official, Biden will make it clear in the letter that the US is committed to the full implementation of the agreement and to Israel's security and economic rights as agreed upon in it.

Furthermore, in any case of an attempt to violate the agreement, the letter will state that the US will stand by Israel to prevent the violation of the agreement, the source revealed.

The letter, signed by US President Biden and addressed to Prime Minister Yair Lapid, is expected to be signed early next week, but its content will not be made public, according to the report.

The political source said that Biden is expected to define the agreement as a historic achievement and a first step to promote stability between Israel and Lebanon.

The source also claimed that the US would also reiterate its commitment to help Israel defend itself using its own forces, while helping to deter its enemies from harming its energy assets at sea or its vessels.

According to the source, the US, like Lebanon and Israel, recognizes the “buoy line” as the status quo maritime border between the countries, and will oppose any attempt to challenge it, except with the agreement of both sides.

President Biden will state at the end of the letter that he is committed to continuing to strengthen relations with Israel as defined in the "Jerusalem Declaration" signed by Biden and Lapid during the US President's visit to Israel, the source said.

The Cabinet on Thursday approved the maritime agreement between Israel and Lebanon. Lapid later signed the US-brokered agreement alongside the Israeli negotiating team.

He later met with US mediator Amos Hochstein and said, "This is an historic agreement that strengthens Israel's security and Israel's economy and will bring stability to the region, which was the number one objective of the whole thing.”

"Israel has started producing gas from the Karish field and we will become a major supplier of natural gas to Europe at a time when the world is in desperate need,” Lapid added.