Friends of Zion event in support of the Ukrainian people
Friends of Zion event in support of the Ukrainian peopleYossi Zamir

An event in support of the Ukrainian people was held on Thursday at the Friends of Zion Media Center in Jerusalem.

The event was attended by dozens of emigrants from Ukraine who made Aliyah to Israel in recent months, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman; the Kosovan and Slovakian Ambassadors to Israel; Former Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat; and former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nir Barkat thanked Dr. Mike Evans and Michael Evans II, founder and president (respectively) of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, for their work on behalf of the citizens of Ukraine.

"Since the outbreak of the war in February 2022, both Dr. Evans and Michael have been going to and from Ukraine, providing over 1400 tons of food, medicine, generators, and supplies for refugees in the war zones," Barkat said. "I believe that the State of Israel should stand by Ukraine along with the Western world, the USA and European countries."

Michael Evans II said, “When I see firsthand on the front lines the unspeakable pain that Ukrainian homeless refugees are experiencing, I know that what we are doing at Friends of Zion, as friends of the State of Israel, is so very important."

Dr. Mike Evans is the Founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem, a number one best-selling author, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee for a lifetime of combating antisemitism. He and his son Michael have been working in Ukraine for more than a decade, feeding hundreds of Holocaust survivors and Jewish orphans. In the last year, Evans has been assisting in bringing Ukrainian children and Holocaust survivors to Israel.

In Jerusalem, Evans built a community center for Ukrainian Holocaust survivors, and beautiful apartments for them at the Friends of Zion Heritage Center campus. In addition, Evans and his son feed several thousand Holocaust survivors each week in Israel, along with organizing parties and events for them, including Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at the Kotel for Survivors who never had the chance to celebrate theirs. Evans also sponsored this year’s Miss Holocaust Survivor beauty pageant, at the Friends of Zion campus.

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