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To no sane person’s surprise, some Democrats are pulling support for Ukraine during the country’s noble fight against Vladimir Putin’s war of conquest.

Pramila Jayapal, chair of the far left "Congressional Progressive Caucus,” drew heat from local media and even the online left earlier this week for her duplicity. The Pacific Northwest zealot retracted an egregious letter that 30 members of her fringe caucus sent only 24 hours earlier to the White House.

The two-page letter, signed by a cabal of military haters, demanded President Joe Biden pursue “diplomacy” with Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

Jayapal and others claimed the document was drafted several months ago and released by staffers without vetting, but Politico reported Tuesday that Jayapal personally approved the letter’s release this week.

The hard left in America are as or more opposed to U.S. military involvement than the neo-isolationist right.

I believe Jayapal’s group only tacitly supported our allies because a Democrat currently occupies the Oval Office.

Some in her party were rightly furious at this message of appeasement to Russian tyranny.


Leadership also probably didn’t like the timing of a letter that divides Democrats only a fortnight before they’re set to lose their tenuous U.S. House majority.

At least Rep. Ro Khanna, who signed the missive, told CNN Tuesday he did not support the decision to rescind it.

“I think the letter was common sense,” the Californian said.

This is all a terrible message to send as Putin bombs civilian targets in Ukraine, even while his troops disgracefully retreat from territory they occupied earlier in the illegal invasion.

Any negotiating with Russia over the heads of the Ukrainian is immoral. Full stop. No useful diplomacy is possible so long as Ukrainians remain willing to fight for their homeland and Putin refuses to cede territory. As always, the best way to combat Putin is to continue supporting Ukraine in its heroic struggle to against rogue Russian forces.

As for Republicans, I was quite clear last week that House Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “not going to write a blank check” remark about Ukraine was distressing; however, other than appeasing some nationalists, he didn't commit to anything. Thankfully, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell responded by saying Republicans in the upper chamber want aid to Ukraine to be “expedited.”

Isolationism — led by ignorant adherents on both fringes — is naïve, not in our best interests, and anathema to history.

One lesson from this episode is that because society and schools fail to teach the importance of freedom, the Biden team should endeavor to explain why support for Ukraine is in the national interest and money well spent. Do they have anyone coherent enough to do so, though?

Maybe Dalibor Rohac, who offered a stellar column in Wednesday’s New York Post, can help.

“The reason this is not the time for some chimerical 'negotiated settlement and ceasefire' has nothing to do with anyone’s lack of effort but rather with the fact that the existing differences of opinion between Russia and Ukraine cannot be resolved at the negotiating table but only on the battlefield,” he opined.

As for a negotiated settlement, I’d keep it simple: return all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea; pay all reconstruction costs; return all Ukrainian citizens; turn over all Russian military personnel and political leaders, including Putin, for war crimes trials at The Hague; and remove Russia from the UN Security Council.

Being harsh is better than being a useful idiot.

A.J. Kaufman is a senior columnist with Alpha News. He taught school and served as a military historian before beginning his journalism career, where his writing has since appeared in numerous print and digital outlets. The author of three books, he also contributes to Israel National News, The Lid, and is a frequent guest on various radio programs and podcasts. A.J. currently resides in the Upper Midwest. This article also appeared at The Lid.