Huwaraasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

A resident of Elon Moreh claimed that he was attacked by Arab stone-throwers from the village of Huwara today, but the IDF refuses to acknowledge that the incident occurred.

The resident, an educator, was driving in the village this afternoon when he said he noticed three Arabs with stones in their hands. "In front of the mosque on my side, I saw boys holding large stones. On the other side of the road were six soldiers. I told myself that there is no way in the world that Arabs would dare to throw stones when there are soldiers in front of them, but when I passed at least one stone hit my car and I heard the 'boom' of an impact. I called the hotline to report that stones were being thrown near soldiers. I received a call from an officer who demanded that I tell him exactly how many meters from the mosque the incident occurred."

The resident continued on his way, but after a while it became clear to him that the IDF completely denied that there were any stones which were thrown and said that he made the whole story up.

Residents who came down to demonstrate in Huwara following the incident also talked to the officers on the spot who told them that there was no stone throwing incident at all.

The resident who was attacked was furious. "It's simply a disgrace. I have to prove that a stone was thrown at me? Getting a stone [thrown at me] in Huwara is a humiliating thing, but to receive such a response from the army is much more humiliating. I now have to explain that I did not lie and did not make it up and that they really threw stones at me? I told the soldiers to look at the cameras and see that there were stones thrown. It's simply a disgrace that this is the attitude of the army."