Queens, New York
Queens, New YorkISTOCK

A New York City bus was commandeered by a gun-wielding man before it eventually crashed into a utility pole on Thursday morning.

The hijacker took over the MTA bus in Queens on Thursday at around 7 a.m., forcing the bus driver to follow his directions, according to city officials.

The man boarded the bus in the Cambria Heights section of Queens, demanding the driver open the bus door and then ordering him at gunpoint to drive, FOX News reported.

The drive opened the bus’s back door so that passengers would be able to escape, according to local reports.

The NYPD said that the driver was able to jump out of a window of the moving bus not long after, which caused the bus to crash into a utility pole.

The hijacker, who had a history of mental health issues, was arrested by police at the scene. Investigators recovered a gun. The bus driver sustained minor injuries and was treated at the hospital.

It is not clear how many passengers were able to escape by the back door or if any were still on the bus when it crashed.