Prime Minister Yair Lapid, this evening (Thursday, 27 October 2022), at the Kirya in Tel Aviv, met with US mediator Amos Hochstein, following the approval of the maritime agreement between Israel and Lebanon at this morning's Cabinet meeting and Prime Minister Lapid's signing of the agreement alongside the Israeli negotiating team.

Prime Minister Lapid said: "Amos, I want to thank you and your crew for all the great work — nothing less than great work — in making the deal between us and Lebanon happen. It wouldn't have been possible without you and without the support of President Biden who was there for us all the way. His commitment to Israel is deeply appreciated and your commitment to the whole process is deeply appreciated."

"This is an historic agreement that strengthens Israel's security and Israel's economy and will bring stability to the region, which was the number one objective of the whole thing.

"Israel has started producing gas from the Karish field and we will become a major supplier of natural gas to Europe at a time when the world is in desperate need.

"We are just thankful for this and we are happy about this. And the entire government is sending its blessings and thanks for this. We voted on this this morning as you know. We deeply appreciate your commitment. You worked really hard on this for very long months with your very committed crew. So thank you again for all the great work," Lapid said.

Also attending the meeting were Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, National Security Adviser and Director of the National Security Council Dr. Eyal Hulata, Foreign Ministry Director General Alon Ushpiz and other senior officials.