Knesset member for United Torah Judaism Yitzhak Pindrus speaks to Israel National News about the election, the importance his party puts on making sure their voters get out to vote, and what he sees as the dangers of a left wing government.

Pindrus explains that the majority of his party’s voters show up every time to vote but there is around 10 percent who need encouragement to remember to cast their ballot.

“We have to give them the push to vote because we always have a small percentage that just don’t go out and vote. You always have 10 percent who feel less affiliated, like every group,” he says.

“I’m trying to talk mostly to these people. On the other hand, the foreign audience, people who are from outside of Israel, who come from other democracies, don’t really understand over here there’s a real battle on rights, if Israel is going to be a Jewish state. We’re running for 75 years a battle between a Jewish democratic state. Between Jewish and democratic, what takes precedence? Or Israeli, which is already a third thing.”

When asked why UTJ opposes government mandated secular studies in their institutions, he explains it’s not opposing studying math and English.

“It’s another level. The success of the haredi community in Israel from 1948 until today was by one ingredient that was made in the status quo. The status quo had four points, three of them are general: Shabbat, Kashrut and [family laws] – these are three things that are not for the haredi community because these things the haredi community are going to keep anyway. The fourth thing was the independent education. We know as a fact that whoever didn’t get into that system of independent education lost a lot of their children [spiritually speaking]. They are not continuing in the haredi community.”

“The majority is in there because its independent with all the prices we pay for it. All these game the government is making is not for trying to teach English and math. They are trying to do it because they want to take over in a certain way because they understand that’s a success in the haredi community so they are trying to get into the haredi education. And that’s why we say no.”

According to him, in the government system the government is supposed to fund math and English at 75 percent but they only sponsor it at 40 percent.

“If the government would sponsor that at 75 percent, this question wouldn’t be an issue,” he says.

“The battle is not to learn math and English. They’re cheating everybody. The battle is if the government runs it, if you want public schools, ask any American, does he want a public school or a private school? And they’re playing tricks but that’s part of the game.”

He doesn’t believe that if the Likud can't form a majority, the haredi will go with a unity government. And he also doesn’t agree that the haredi could have done work in the last government if they had been a part of the coalition.

While he says that in terms of their budget, they could do better with the left wing because they offer a lot more money and positions, he explains: “If we have any responsibility for [the Jewish identity of Israel], again it has two identities, democratic and Jewish. When that has any kind of issues, with the leftists, that goes way beyond the right wing. Because of our responsibility for Israel, for the traditional population, which is most of the population, that’s the reason there’s no way by definition we could go into a government that’s base is not the believers. And the believers are four parties: the Likud, the Religious Zionist Party, Shas and United Torah Judaism. Those are the parties of the believers. And if we don’t go there, we are in big trouble. Because any minister can do anything he wants in his office with things that don’t have to go through the Knesset and has nothing to do with the coalition agreement.”

He adds: “The question is ‘What are you doing?’ Are you having two million children in a Jewish state that don’t know what Shema Yisrael is? We can’t live with that. It’s happening when there is a left wing government.”