Im Tirtzu supporter with Israeli flag facing the terrorist supporters
Im Tirtzu supporter with Israeli flag facing the terrorist supportersIm Tirtzu

On Thursday morning, a demonstration of support was held in solidarity with the terrorists who were killed in a counterterror operation in Shechem (Nablus).

The demonstration was held at the entrance to Tel Aviv University, and led by members of the Hadash cell studying at the university.

Activists from the Zionist group Im Tirtzu, who came to protest the demonstration of support for terrorism in the middle of a state-funded university in Tel Aviv, recorded the chants.

During the demonstration, the students from the Hadash cell were seen chanting in favor of the terrorists, the martyrs, and the execution of the intifada. Among the chants were, "From you came the decision - intifada and victory." "Oh, mother of the martyr, rejoice, all the Shabab are your sons. Oh, mother of the prisoner, be happy, death is better than humiliation." "Martyr, rest, we continue the struggle... unity with Palestine in the return of all refugees, unity with Palestine in removing all the occupiers."

Shai Rosengarten, Director of Activism at the Im Tirtzu movement, said: "The fact that at the entrance to Tel Aviv University chants of martyrs and intifada are heard, and the president of the university does not even bother to leave his office and remove the protesters, is a sign of weakness and a shameful surrender to terrorism."

"If someone makes a mess in front of your house do you say you are not responsible for the entrance? The entrance to Tel Aviv University has become like a terrorist demonstration in the middle of Jenin. Tel Aviv University students deserve a president who will make sure to keep them safe. How can you study in class next to those who say, 'We will continue the martyr's struggle?' What's going on here?"