Likud MK Eli Cohen spoke to Israel National News at the INN Besheva conference in Jerusalem about the importance of voting.

“The coming election is crucial for the State of Israel as a Jewish state,” Cohen said. “Therefore, we are calling on everyone that Israel is important to as the only Jewish state to vote on Tuesday to elect one of the right wing parties. Of course, I’m calling on everyone to come and vote for the Likud. We have the best leader which is Benjamin Netanyahu.”

He added: “This is a great opportunity. Don’t stay at home. I’m calling on everyone to go and to vote for the Likud. I know the Jewish State is very important to you and therefore I’m calling each one of you to go and vote.”

What could be the outcome of a leftist government?

“All of us saw what happened in the last year in terms of security, in terms of the political and global arena, in terms of the economic situation. We don’t want another terrible year like we had.”

Does he feel a victory is at hand?

“I feel it going to all the cities in Israel. But it’s in our hands. Most of the people in Israel believe in the way of the right, as the way of the Likud. But they need to do one thing, to vote,” Cohen said.