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Joseph GutnickIsrael National News

Chabad-Lubavitch businessman Rabbi Joseph Gutnick from Australia, who has been dubbed, "The Lubavitcher Rebbe's emissary for the integrity of the Land of Israel," on Wednesday announced a special campaign aimed at encouraging right-wing voters to go out, vote, and have an influence.

Under the title, "And you shall choose life," Gutnick is managing a campaign which will run right up to election day, placing a special emphasis on security in the Land of Israel and opposing giving away land and the creation of a Palestinian state.

Additional messages focus on reinforcing Jewish tradition and the creation of unity between all sectors of the nation.

"We have no chance to stay at home," the campaign urges. "We must go out, vote, and have an influence."

Earlier this year, Rabbi Gutnick said that the Rebbe did not agree with having a unity government, explaining that the Rebbe "would not have been happy with forming a government with representatives from the Arab community who are against the State of Israel."

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סרטון הקמפיין של יוסף גוטניקדוברות