Likud MK Yariv Levin
Likud MK Yariv LevinSderot conference - Kay Academic College

Speaking to the Sderot Society and Education conference at the Kay Academic College, Likud MK Yariv Levin blasted Prime Minister Yair Lapid for the Israel-Lebanon gas deal as well as the cost of living and security.

"The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel – this simple, correct and justified statement cannot be heard from the Prime Minister of Israel Yair Lapid. Lapid refrained from answering those who challenge our right to our country and revived the folly of establishing a terrorist state in the heart of our state. Israel replaced economic strength with surrender to Lebanon, we led four significant peace agreements out of strength only to be followed by political laxity,” Levin said.

“The Australian government, one of Israel's great friends, has cancelled its recognition of Jerusalem as our capital, and all this is a prelude to what’s happening to the tens of billions which were given without supervision and examination, to the businessmen of the Arab community for the purpose of recruiting voters and not for the purpose of helping its citizens.”

Levin added: “As far as personal security is concerned, the Arab public and the left-wing government are still dealing with only one problem, G-d forbid, the Jewish identity of the country – when the goal of the left is not only to hand over parts of the homeland, but its goal is to turn the State of Israel into a universal state, the ‘state of all infiltrators.’

“Every day we witness heart-breaking scenes of helpless people facing the rampant cost of living, and I ask Lapid – how can you look these people in the eye? Your role as Prime Minister is to ensure that Israel feels the world crisis minimally, while bouncing back first as we did during the crises’ of 2003 and 2009 when Netanyahu and Steinitz led the economy out of the crisis and brought about incredible growth, providing a significant response.”

Levin also accused Lapid of "short-sightedly struggles to get the gas out of the sea this coming winter."

“While in Europe, citizens won't be able to heat their homes in the winter with the risk of freezing to death, Israel will have unlimited cheap gas and billions in export revenue,” he said.

“Even the members of the Knesset from the left admit today that the Likud governments were much better than the current government. Therefore Gantz, Lieberman, Lapid and their friends go as low as possible and boycott us. They are not only boycotting Netanyahu, but the Israeli public, insulting half the population, and after all this they call themselves the ‘Unity and Democratic camp.’ Pure hypocrisy.”