Scene of clashes in Shechem, October 25th 2022
Scene of clashes in Shechem, October 25th 2022Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Palestinian Arab terrorist groups vowed to avenge the deaths of five terrorists killed in clashes with the IDF overnight in Samaria during an Israeli raid on a terrorist safe house.

Five terrorists were killed during the operation, carried out by IDF, Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and Yamam counterterrorist forces against an apartment in the Kasbah of Shechem (Nablus) that was used as a headquarters and explosives manufacturing site for the Lions’ Den terrorist group.

During the operation, dozens of Palestinian Arabs burned tires and hurled rocks at the troops. The troops responded with live fire toward the armed suspects who were shooting at them.

The operation set off rioting in other Palestinian Arab towns, with one rioter shot and killed in the Ramallah district.

On Tuesday morning, the Palestinian Authority declared a general strike across Judea and Samaria following the raid, shuttering schools and businesses, while encouraging workers and students to gather in protest of the operation.

Senior Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh warned that Israel will face the “consequences” for the operation in Shechem, and called on the Biden administration to intervene on the PA’s behalf.

"Israel must immediately halt its crimes," said Abu Rudeineh. "We are facing an apartheid state.”

Tarek Salmi, a spokesperson for the Islamic Jihad terrorist group, said his organization would avenge the deaths of the terrorists killed during the Israeli operation.

“The [Islamic Jihad] movement mourns the fallen Palestinian heroes whose pure blood watered the soil of Shechem – their blood will not be in vain. The Occupation’s crimes in Shechem require a united national stance to push back on the aggression and to respond to these crimes.”

Ismail Haniyeh, chief of the Hamas terror organization’s political bureau, said Israel would “regret carrying out” the raid in Shechem.

“These sacrifices will only ignite the whole West Bank. The Occupation will regret carrying out these crimes. The Lions’ Den group is the strength of Palestine, and it will continue to be a home for raising resistance fighters.”