Defense Minister and National Unity party chief Benny Gantz urged Israelis to turn out to the polls next Tuesday, calling it voters’ “civic responsibility.”

“It is very important” to vote, Gantz told Israel National News during the Besheva Conference in Jerusalem.

“We have to take civic responsibility. Among them is voting. You cannot talk about a situation unless you do something to put it in the way you believe in.”

“Of course, I hope more people will vote for me, but whoever they choose to vote for, it is very important…go ahead, don’t stay at home. Vote because you can influence.”

“Every vote counts. Everyone is important. Go ahead and vote because otherwise, you can’t say ‘what have I done during this day.’ Do whatever you believe in, go ahead and vote.”

When asked whether he would be willing to join a government which includes Benjamin Netanyahu, Gantz responded, “No.”