BallotsIsaac Harari/Flash90

A new poll conducted by the Midgam Institute for Channel 12 News shows that if the elections were held today, the right-wing bloc would win 60 seats.

According to the poll, the Likud would be the largest party with 32 seats, Yesh Atid would be the second largest with 24 seats, and the National Unity and Religious Zionism parties would be tied for third with 13 seats each.

Shas would receive eight seats, United Torah Judaism seven, Yisrael Beytenu five, Meretz five, Labor five, Hadash-Ta'al four, and Ra'am four.

Balad and Jewish Home would place below the electoral threshold with 2% and 1.8% of the vote, respectively.

The poll also showed that if Ayelet Shaked and her Jewish Home party withdrew from the race, it would not make enough of a difference to change the outcome of the election.

Another poll by the Direct Polls Institute for Channel 14 News showed the right-wing bloc winning a majority with 62 seats,

This poll has the Likud winning 34 seats Yesh Atid 23, the Religious Zionism party 12, and the National Unity party 12.

In this poll, Shas would win nine seats, United Torah Judaism seven, Yisrael Beytenu six, Meretz five, Labour four, Hadash-Ta'al four, and Ra'am four.