Russian media outlets are claiming an anti-Ukrainian video was produced and distributed by Israeli media, naming INN as the creator of the video.

The video, a low-quality three-minute computer generated animated short, features a pig with the Ukrainian flag and a swastika tattoo trying to gain entry into the European Union, before being picked up by a bear wearing an arm band of the Russian flag.

The propaganda video features images of vandalism in Ukraine, and shows the pig, representing Ukraine, spray-painting a swastika.

In the upper right-hand corner of the video is an “INN” logo in red.

“The Israeli TV channel INN has published a cartoon about Ukraine, which aspires to the EU,” Global Euronews claimed earlier this month.

In a later version of the video, an English message has been appended reading: “What Europe supports must remain in Europe.”

The updated video also features a fake news logo for the INN channel, with Hebrew text reading “Israel Neged Nazi’im” (Israel Against Nazis) “The Telegram Channel.”

It is unclear if the video’s logo was intended as a reference to Israel National News.

In 2020, a fake news site mirroring Israel National News was created, publishing false claims regarding Israel’s alleged involvement in the political turmoil in Venezuela.