Israeli Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested he may be willing to arm Ukraine against Russia if he is elected premier next month.

Speaking with Fox News Sunday, Netanyahu reiterated his willingness to consider transferring weapons to Kyiv if elected, while making no commitment to do so.

Netanyahu’s comments echo his position laid out in a recent interview with USA Today, in which he said he would “look into it when I got into office."

During Sunday’s interview, Netanyahu cited Russia’s use of Iranian-made suicide drones against Ukraine, warning that if sanctions on Tehran are lifted with a new nuclear deal, the threat of such drones will expand dramatically.

The new Iranian kamikaze drones “are deadly,” Netanyahu said. “They’re lethal weapons and they are being used in a way that they shouldn’t be used, that is, to attack civilians.”

“Those who advocated a nuclear deal with Iran can have a taste of what is in store, and we’re getting that taste anyway.”

“You’re going to give the Ayatollahs nuclear weapons? You’re going to give them a deal that will give them hundreds of billions of dollars so they can make more of these deadly drones to attack, ultimately, Israelis, Americans, and others? You don’t want that.”

The Likud chairman said regarding weapons sales to Ukraine, the matter “is not a simple issue,” but promised to consider such transfers seriously.

Netanyahu rejected the claim that Israel is “siding with Russia,” but hinted that if elected Prime Minister in the November 1st election, he may change the government’s policy of withholding weapons from Kyiv.

“I think there is a question that I’ll look into if I’m elected, and that is the question of helping Ukraine with weapons. It is not a simple issue, but it is an issue that has to be addressed forthrightly and I will do it if I’m elected. We’ll know in two weeks.”