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The Supreme Court unanimously decided this morning (Sunday) to reject the four petitions submitted against the agreement between Israel and Lebanon on the maritime border between the two countries.

The senior panel of judges, which included, among others, President Esther Hayut and judges Uzi Vogelman and Noam Solberg, announced that the reasons for rejecting the petitions will be given separately, as happens when it comes to rulings given in a tight time frame.

The agreement is expected to be signed this week.

Attorney Yitzhak Bem argued on behalf of the petitioners that such an agreement must be brought before the Knesset for approval and that it was absurd that a transitional government can sign an agreement with an enemy state when it "cannot appoint an appointee to a religious council in Kiryat Ono."

Justice Vogelman replied: "You are making life easy for yourself, obviously there are things that a transitional government cannot normally do, such as appointing an appointee to a religious council in Kiryat Ono, but something essential it must do. This argument is not good enough, you have to deal with the essentials of the matter ".