Har Homa
Har HomaFlash 90

Riots broke out Saturday night in a number of Jerusalem neighborhoods, including Wadi al-Joz and At-Tur, where Arab rioters hurled explosives and rocks towards police forces.

In the Jewish neighborhood of Har Homa, also known as Homat Shmuel, several Jewish residents had their homes stoned by Arab youth from Umm Tuba.

In recent days, Har Homa residents have reported rock-throwing attacks on their vehicles. According to them, the attacks occur near the entrance to the neighborhood's Stage Three neighborhood, near the Arab neighborhood.

Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor Arieh King called on the public to protect itself, saying, "Residents of Jerusalem in general and of the Har Homa neighborhood in Jerusalem, specifically, I call on you (again), clearly and unequivocally: Do not stand on the side and allow the terrorists to raise their heads!"

"Go out and protect your neighborhood, your homes, your vehicles, your families, and when the police arrive, let them do their work, but until they come (if they come...) protect your lives, your property, with any means available to you. The law is on your side. Morality is on your side. Ethics and Zionism are on your side. I and the entire Jerusalem municipal council are behind you."