Giorgia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni Reuters/ROMA/Sipa USA

Giorgia Meloni on Friday formed Italy’s new ruling coalition, becoming the first woman to obtain the premiership in Italy, The Associated Press reported.

Meloni heads the right-wing Brothers of Italy Party, which was the top vote-getter in Italy's national election last month.

A presidential palace official announced that Meloni and her Cabinet would be sworn in on Saturday.

A few hours before the new government's formation was announced, Meloni told reporters that she and her allies had unanimously asked President Sergio Mattarella to give her the mandate to govern.

Mattarella expressed satisfaction that the government was formed in a “brief time” following the September 25 election. After the last election, in 2018, it took three months for a new ruling coalition to come together.

The Brothers of Italy party is considered a far-right party and has drawn accusations of facism and semi-facism, though it suspended a candidate who had praised Hitler prior to the election.

Meloni herself has made several controversial statements, accusing Israel of carrying out "another massacre of children in Gaza” during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, but has attempted to position herself as a more pro-Israel candidate in the recent elections.

She recently told the Israel Hayom newspaper that “Israel represents the only fully-fledged democracy in the broader Middle East, and we defend without any reservations its right to exist and live in security. I believe that the existence of the State of Israel is vital, and Fratelli d’Italia will make every effort to invest in greater cooperation between our countries.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued a general statement a week after the Italian election, in which it did not mention Meloni specifically but rather wrote that "Israel congratulates the people of Italy on the end of the election campaign and looks forward to continued cooperation and friendship with the government that will be established and the Italian people.”

The statement added that "Italy is an important friend of Israel."

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