Moshe Arbel
Moshe ArbelArutz Sheva

Ahead of the November elections, the haredi Shas and United Torah Judaism parties have clarified that the Override Clause will be pushed forward after the elections, if they are asked to join the future coalition.

"We, absolutely and clearly, without any connection to the positions of our partners - believe that we have an obligation, for the sake of strengthening the public's trust in the judicial system, to advance the Override Clause," Shas MK Moshe Arbel told Kol Hai Radio Thursday night. "This will not cause the system to collapse - it was already legislated in the past and the sky did not fall."

"This may bring about a solution to the draft issue, so that it will be possible to overcome the political positions of the court. We intend to advance this and we will say it clearly. Without this, there is not much meaning to elections. What was will not be. We must change the equation."

According to Arbel, "In advanced Western countries, such as England, the court for the constitution can declare a law to be unconstitutional, but cannot cancel it. Here in Israel, the court has acquired for itself such authority, without any authorization, and it hurts first and foremost the public's faith in the court."

Regarding the expected outcry from the general media the moment these processes begin, Arbel said, "I am happy that at least we have revealed the true faces of those people who speak of the greatness of democracy until it comes to the rights of the wives of yeshiva students to go out to work, and when the Finance Minister says that we need to throw the haredim into the garbage dump. We are not moved and we will not take instructions from them. 'If they wrinkle their noses - they can have a wrinkled nose,' as [Menachem] Begin said."

"In my opinion, there are about 70 Knesset seats which identify with right-wing positions. If they all go out to vote, we will find ourselves in a more Jewish and right-wing state."