Lee Zeldin
Lee ZeldinREUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJCC) is proud to give its endorsement to New York candidate for governor, Rep. Lee Zeldin, whose commitment to reducing crime and eliminate New York’s unacceptable bail reform laws are key to ensuring the vitality of small businesses across the state, the Chamber said.

According to OJCC, "New York needs a governor who will take a tough, unwavering stand on violent crime and is willing, ready, and able to work with mayors and local officials to confront the rising rates of violent crimes in their towns and cities. "

"Violent criminals endanger local businesses and institutions, jeopardize the lives and livelihoods of law-abiding individuals, and harm state and local economies and the sense of security all residents of New York need and deserve.

"Governor Kathy Hochul has not risen to meet the urgency of the moment. When NYC Mayor Adams called for much-needed changes to the state’s bail reform laws, Ms. Hochul essentially gave him the cold shoulder. Governor Hochul has failed to exhibit any interest or desire to rectify the wrongs being committed daily against peaceful residents and businesses of the Empire State."

The group continued, "Safety is of the utmost concern to the Orthodox Jewish community in New York. Recent years – particularly those following the instatement of New York’s bail reform laws – have seen a disturbing rise in anti-Semitic attacks, many of them violent, that have largely gone unpunished and unaddressed."

"Public safety must be the top priority of New York State’s chief executive. Rep. Lee Zeldin has rightfully made public safety the centerpiece of his campaign and has a plan to address the scourge of violent crime sweeping the state, and particularly New York City.

"New Yorkers recognize that the economy and their very lives depend on the ability of law enforcement to maintain the peace. Yet officers of the law cannot do so without the explicit and steadfast support of the governor, nor can they ensure residents’ safety when the government treats aggressors as victims.

"The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce appreciates and values the friendship and working relationship it has with Governor Hochul and her administration, but as violent crime continues unabated, we are unable to support her candidacy for a full term as governor.

"With violent crime at the forefront of New Yorkers’ priorities, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce hereby endorses Rep. Lee Zeldin to be elected the next Governor of the great State of New York."