Ambassador Ran Yaakoby votes
Ambassador Ran Yaakoby votesSpokesperson

The elections for the 25th Knesset in Israel's diplomatic missions abroad began at 12:01 a.m. Thursday morning at the Israeli embassy in Wellington, New Zealand, and will end on Friday at 6:00 in the Israeli embassies in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Ran Yaakoby, Israel's ambassador to New Zealand, in essence became the first Israeli citizen to vote in this election.

"For the second time since I arrived in Wellington at the beginning of 2021, I am opening the round of votes in Israel's missions around the world," Yaakoby said. "Last year I expressed hope that this was the first and last vote during my four-year term and that the government that will be elected will be stable and successful. This year, too, I hope and wish the same for all of us. Good luck."

As part of the voting process abroad, 4,500 eligible voters will be invited to vote in 103 diplomatic missions all around the world.

103 polling stations will be opened in 101 embassies abroad (since the previous elections, new embassies were added in Manama, Bahrain, and Tegucigalpa, Honduras).

At the Consulate General in New York, three polling stations will be opened for 750 eligible voters, and it is the representation where the number of eligible voters is the highest. On the other hand, the embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon, has three voters, and it is the representation where the number of voters is the lowest.

On the night of the elections, a control center will be established in the Central Elections Committee for the purpose of providing answers and monitoring the opening and closing times of the polling stations in Israel's missions abroad.

Upon the conclusion of the voting abroad, any unusual events will be reported to the CEO of the Central Elections Committee, attorney Orly Ades. In addition, the voter turnout in the various missions will be calculated.

Upon the arrival of the ballot boxes in Israel, they will be concentrated in the diplomatic post office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and from there they will be transferred under the security of the Central Election Committee's security officer to the security room of the Central Elections Committee in the Knesset.

The counting of the votes of voters from abroad will take place after election day in Israel, on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, starting at 10:00 p.m.