MK Nir Barkat on the way to Homesh
MK Nir Barkat on the way to HomeshPhoto: Israel National News-Arutz 7

Member of Knesset Nir Barkat (Likud) said today (Wednesday) in the Israel National News-Arutz Sheva studio on the way to Homesh that it is possible to present an alternative solution to the 'two states' that will convince the US to allow us to cancel the Disengagement Law in northern Samaria that prevents civilians from returning legally to the evacuated settlements. Then it will be possible to bring two million residents to Samaria in the next 30 years.

Barkat attacked the Lapid government: "This government freezes the situation and does not get what needs to be done. You see American policy projected onto Lapid and Gantz and it paralyzes them. In the eyes of the Americans, they think that Palestinian construction promotes the two-state solution, while Jewish construction prevents it".

Barkat explained, "As soon as the State of Israel, the government, presents an alternative solution to the two-state solution, we will suddenly see that it is possible to present a different policy to the Americans. I believe with all my heart that when the American government understands our solution, we will be able to build in Homesh and everywhere in Judea and Samaria and bring two million residents here in thirty next years.

"The aim is to cancel the Disengagement Law," Barkat noted. ''For this, we need to work hard with Washington; we need to work together with the Americans. Whoever thinks that a unilateral act will succeed is misunderstanding something. The better we explain to them, the easier it will be for us to work better.''

Regarding the elections and Shaked's run, Barkat said: "I want to remind you that we lacked 1,400 votes and Bennett and Shaked prevented us from forming a right-wing government, and then they had 7-8 mandates in the polls. You can't dance at two weddings, and you have to remember that she is still sitting in the government with the left. That's why we must not repeat this mistake, and whoever wants a party that will work for settlements has only one home and that is the Likud."

Israel National News-Arutz Sheva is conducting special broadcasts concerning the issue of the renewal of the settlements in Northern Samaria and Homesh, and regarding the demand to promote the repeal of the Withdrawal Law. As part of the broadcasting day, a special studio was set up on the way to Homesh, and interviews and broadcasts will be held there throughout the day.

The broadcasting day is held in collaboration with Homesh Yeshiva and the Samaria Regional Council