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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s rocky start in office took another turn for the worse on Wednesday with Home Secretary Suella Braverman announcing her resignation only seven weeks after taking up her post.

Braverman was forced out due to using a personal email address against ministerial rules, CNN reported.

Her exit comes during a time of turmoil for Truss, with her tax cutting agenda leading to economic turmoil and the beleaguered British leader forced to change course and apologize.

The Home Secretary’s resignation took place only five days after Truss replaced Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng, who only served for 38 days. Blame was placed on Kwarteng for the government's pound-crashing mini-budget that led to the Bank of England intervening to assuage panicked markets.

Braverman “sent an official document from my personal email to a trusted parliamentary colleague as party of policy engagement.”

“This constitutes a technical infringement of the rules,” she wrote in her resignation letter.

“The business of government relies upon people accepting responsibility for their mistakes. Pretending we haven’t made mistakes, carrying on as if everyone can’t see that we have made them, and hoping that things will magically come right is not serious politics,” Braverman wrote.

“I have concerns about the direction of this government,” Braverman added, in reference to high turnover, including four finance ministers in an equal number of months.

Truss will now be tasked with appointing the country’s third home secretary in eight weeks.